Sparkling Bright

Sparkling Bright

Yuletide joys, celebrated daily!

Wave your hands high in the air and give in to your best self as your gorgeous hands tell the story of fine arts infused with personal confidence.

Specially designed for Xmas, anyone who wishes their hands to look like wearing a pair of lacy gloves can request to have this or something similar.  Have no fear and proudly step out in style!

Natural henna was used in this design.

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Product Description

Henna pricing is based on size and complexity of the design.

Size Example Price (MYR)
    Normal Henna White Henna
XS Wording, a ring, an ear-ring, size of a 50-cent coin 5/- 10/-
S A bracelet, a bangle 10/- to 20/- 20/- to 40/-
M A foot chain, on a palm, a geometrical shape, size of a playing card 20/- to 30/- 40/- to 60/-
L A glove design, on a palm and all fingers and thumb, a design from palm up to forearm, on a sole, an arm band, size of a palm 30/- to 40/- 60/- to 80/-
XL A necklace, a design from hand up to elbow, a shoe/s, a design on a foot below ankle, on a shoulder 40/- to 60/- 80/- to 100/-
XXL A standing, a stock, a design from feet up to ankle, waist chain, on a shoulder blade, belly, back of a body 55/- to 100/- 90/- to 180/-

The henna artist may accommodate events of differing nature & size – from the most discerning corporate affair, to the small and intimate party in your home; from public events to private or individual appointment.

Price (MYR)
Individual Appointment Group Events*
Base Rate 80/- 120/-
Charges Based on the size and complexity of the design 350/- for the first two hours
150/- for every additional hour


  • What makes our items unique is the personal human touch in respective design & creation. Each item differs from one to another. There may be a similar unit, but never 100% the same.
  • Items are subject to change and availability.


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About Tan Whei Li's Collection

Tan Whei Li has been in love with arts and crafts from an early, young age. She picked up henna drawing in 2014 with the intention to raise funds for an animal shelter, but she quickly discovered she enjoys henna drawing very much. Since then, she has volunteered in a few fundraising events that include:

- Raptor Watch by the Malaysian Nature Society - Festival of Wings by the Malaysian Nature Society - Fundraising event for H.O.P.E. in 2015 - Fundraising events for Save A Stray Malaysia

In 2015, she founded Uniquely Henna MY. Most of her designs are unconventional.

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