Koi 2018

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suzi koi 2018_5
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Koi 2018

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suzi koi 2018_5

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About Contributing Artist: SUZI CHUA

Suzi Chua is a Malaysian stone and pet artist, who pioneered resin art in Malaysia, and remains one of the handful practising resin artist in the region. Suzi started painting as a hobby, and now creates, paints with extraordinary vision, talent. She has the skills to make the animals come alive on paper, stones -- virtually any form of manifestation including leaf, wood, plate, etc. Art for Pets. She started painting pet portraits for friends, and now have the opportunity to give pet owners a chance to own an original painting of their beautiful fur kids. She attributes her being a pet artist to Snowboy, her Maltese dog. Pet portraits are commissioned by friends who want to remember their beloved fur kid, long after they pass on. These moments give great meaning to her work as an artist.

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