Stacey Chiew

Stacey Chiew started her art career in 1989. As a child growing up, her imagination has always been an incredible driving force.

Stacey graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Radford University, Virginia as well as a Diploma in Visual Communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. Being exposed to different cultures of the East and West helps Stacey observe that our differences make us beautiful.

Stacey seeks inspiration in nature, culture, art, music and people. Her art reflects the world she perceives, nature she adores and admires, and the people she meets who have inspired her in countless ways.

Everything you see in Stacey’s gallery depicts the creative process she goes through where primary energy is converted, and transformed from one form to another into a collection of art.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys reading and writes. One of her articles, “The Gift of Miracles” was published in Dr Bernie Siegel’s book, entitled “A Book of Miracles.”


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