Tan Whei Li

Tan Whei Li has been in love with arts and crafts from an early, young age. She picked up henna drawing in 2014 with the intention to raise funds for an animal shelter, but she quickly discovered she enjoys henna drawing very much. Since then, she has volunteered in a few fundraising events that include:

  • Raptor Watch by the Malaysian Nature Society
  • Festival of Wings by the Malaysian Nature Society
  • Fundraising event for H.O.P.E. in 2015
  • Fundraising events for Save A Stray Malaysia

In 2015, she founded Uniquely Henna MY. Most of her designs are unconventional.

Stacey Chiew

Stacey Chiew started her art career in 1989. As a child growing up, her imagination has always been an incredible driving force.

Stacey graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Radford University, Virginia as well as a Diploma in Visual Communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. Being exposed to different cultures of the East and West helps Stacey observe that our differences make us beautiful.

Stacey seeks inspiration in nature, culture, art, music and people. Her art reflects the world she perceives, nature she adores and admires, and the people she meets who have inspired her in countless ways.

Everything you see in Stacey’s gallery depicts the creative process she goes through where primary energy is converted, and transformed from one form to another into a collection of art.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys reading and writes. One of her articles, “The Gift of Miracles” was published in Dr Bernie Siegel’s book, entitled “A Book of Miracles.”

Felicia Loh

Felicia is a professional Illustrator who was trained at the Art Institute, Da Vinci Creative Kids, and several esteemed centres in Malaysia.

Felicia is a multifaceted artist who dedicates most of her time in teaching art to children from 3 to 15 years of age. She understands the power of art when instilled at a young age – how art shapes creative mindsets; about interlinking art to visualisation, feelings, emotions. She teaches children to sketch using lines and basic colours.

She expresses profound interest in acrylic, soft pastel and ink on watercolour paper. Her core subject focusses on animals – particularly dogs, green iguana and underwater creatures. An animal lover since childhood, Felicia had experimented with sketching natural sceneries with small animals that complement her paintings. Drawing random sketches that may be either cartoons or realistic, Felicia gradually developed her own creativity with brand new ideas and began painting realistic animal portraits that exude stronger awareness, with a paramount message to society – encouraging humanity to demonstrate genuine care and love to all animals in the world.

Throughout her years of being an artist, Felicia renews her passion and commitment towards art by extending knowledge to people around her. She recognises the delights of self-discovery – by giving and sharing.

Apart from her artistic persona, her compassion reaches out to those in need. She has contributed to numerous charitable events including NASOM, Kuala Kertilat Kuala Kangsar Orphanage and Spastic Centre in Petaling Jaya. Felicia was an active volunteer at Zoo Negara Malaysia and assisted Dr S Vellayan to conduct researches on animal lifespan. Felicia also volunteers her works for Animal World day organised by SPCA to ignite more awareness in helping strays.